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Multi-Enterprise Trade and Compliance Transparency Critical to Importer Success

Gone are the days when transactional parties were defined as buyers and sellers. In today’s globally-connected world, stakeholders within the logistics sourcing community are numerous, dispersed, and specialized. Today’s global trade environment, whether across the ocean or down the street, involves dozens of trading partners and service providers, all of whom use their own disconnected processes and systems.
To sum it up, there is a dire need for standardization, simplicity, and effective communication. Rising to the top in this highly competitive industry requires solutions that can facilitate effective communication and efficient coordination. Most companies, though, are at a crippling disadvantage because their current methods and tools limit their capabilities. In short, there is a need for order within the chaos.


  • Importers have a persistent need to gain early notice of potential logistics issues before they become serious problems.

  • Inefficient coordination between transportation and 3rd party logistics service providers regularly impacts on-time deliveries.
  • As the importer increases import volume, the organization’s logistics program is strained to scale with existing, often manual offline processes and systems of record.

  • How can the organization standardize the global sourcing process to take better advantage of purchasing power discounts, goods assortments and features, and cost of goods sold savings opportunities?

  • As importers increase the assortment and volume of imported goods from lowest cost countries, the work and time required to manage logistics and on-time delivery increases dis-proportionately and eats further into product margins.

Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Managing the complexity of the global supply chain starts with information transparency — this means data that is accessible, relevant, comprehensive, and insightful.  The Clarity™ Supply Chain Visibility software and services suite from ClearTrack addresses these complexities by replacing manual methods with the latest cloud-based collaboration and application techniques.  Clarity™ Supply Chain Visibility provides insight into your global logistics operations complimented with verification of all items and order shipments ensuring that legal, compliance and business standards are met.  A fully-automated, foolproof order reconciliation process acts as a safeguard to your organization’s reputation while preventing the risk of human error.  The Supply Chain Visibility solution suite, coupled with the time and money saved, results in a significant increase in efficiency and your company’s bottom line.


Software & Services Suite of Application Solutions

What is in the Suite?

Delivered from the ClearTrack® GTM network platform, the Clarity™ Supply Chain Visibility suite offers the following software modules & services.

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