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On-time Delivery Is Difficult When
Everyone Isn’t on the Same Page

Managing the complexity of logistics requires information transparency – this means data that is accessible, relevant, comprehensive and insightful.  Tracking of inbound goods across multiple logistics service providers and transport modes is a significant challenge, particularly as organizations scale upwards and extend the sourcing footprint. Frequently, the most successful player in the logistics game is the one who can handle the sheer enormity of variance by effectively leveraging a diverse global partner community.


  • Access to timely accurate shipment status and estimated time of arrival regardless of shipment origin or modes of transport.

  • Reconciliation of purchase orders, items and item quantities to import containers is a complicated, time-consuming process.

  • Oversight of logistics service provider and carrier performance requires large amounts of information for analysis and reporting to confirm service level commitments are met.

  • Current logistics programs are managed with manual, loosely connected processes and siloed systems limiting use throughout the organization and across the extended enterprise.

Shipment & Order Visibility

Clarity™ Shipment & Order Visibility, a hosted software module and information collaboration system on the ClearTrack® Global Trade Management network platform, offers a range of features that are designed to provide visibility across your international logistics network and service provider performance.  Clarity™ Shipment & Order Visibility automates the tracking of goods & activities across work-in-process before shipment through all modes of transportation from start to finish.  Ocean, air, truck, rail, and parcel; as well as logistics service providers are all supported across multiple system platforms regardless of sophistication.  We connect every trading partner to a unified, up-to-date source of information, creating an information network that improves the collection and visibility of events across facilities, transportation modes and providers, trading partners, suppliers and logistics service providers enabling organizations to proactively detect and resolve problems allowing a consistent and predictable flow of goods across the supply chain.

Shipment and Order Visibility Dashboard


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Order and goods transparency from origin to delivery

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