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Managing Product Integrity and Compliance is Challenging

The sourcing of goods from the global supplier community is not merely a matter of delivering products to a store and going on your way.  The importer’s path, from sourcing-to-shelf, is fraught with safety, quality and compliance hazards – one misstep could not only incur hefty fines but could irrevocably damage your company’s reputation.  Navigating the web of corporate and regulatory requirements requires effective communication between the enterprise, suppliers and service providers.  The demands of international sourcing are numerous, complex and dynamic; with failure carrying a penalty measured in more than dollars.  Balancing these factors requires a collaborative solution applied to the global trade network.  A solution that efficiently manages your core compliance processes, including product quality, safety, and compliance.


  • As importers increase the assortment and volume of imported goods from the lowest cost countries, the work and time required to manage product integrity and compliance increases dis-proportionately and eats further into product margins.

  • Expanding the number of global suppliers increases the burden to effectively communicate expectations and results in a timely and accurate way.

  • Organizations often turn to specialized service providers to conduct tests, inspections, and audits; each with their own operating processes and information systems.

Schedule and Confirm Integrity & Compliance Activities

Safety Net for Product Quality, Safety, and Compliance

Clarity Product Integrity & Compliance, a hosted software module and information collaboration system on the ClearTrack® Global Trade Management network platform, addresses the industry’s challenges by replacing offline, manual methods with the latest cloud-based collaboration and application techniques.  The Product Integrity & Compliance application provides a systematic way of reconciling product safety, quality, testing and compliance requirements to each supplier, factory, purchase order, product category, and item.   There is no need to manually verify every step in your quality assurance and compliance workflow.  Each requirement is measured and validated prior to order release for shipment.  This safety net approach has a profound impact on the productivity and efficiency of the organization’s quality assurance and compliance program while alleviating risk.


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