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Global Sourcing of Goods is Complicated

For leading retailers, brands and manufacturers, having an agile network of goods suppliers is a business necessity in today’s global marketplace. Access to a deep “bench” of trading partners improves competition, lowers sourcing costs, and decreases the risks to your supply chain by building redundancies. But with the expansion of your supplier community comes a new set of challenges. Without the right technology and systems, the sourcing, procurement and fulfillment of products can easily become an overwhelmingly complex and time-consuming process.


  • How to establish and maintain strategic sources of supply and negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions across an ever-expanding and changing global supplier community?

  • Most organizations have distinct, often complicated sourcing processes, category structures and organization roles – how to identify techniques to select and implement software tools and services configurable to unique needs and objectives?

  • Can the organization standardize the global sourcing process to take better advantage of purchasing power discounts, goods assortments, and features, and cost of goods sold savings opportunities?

Global Sourcing Solution

Clarity™ Global Sourcing, a hosted software module and information collaboration system on the ClearTrack® Global Trade Management network platform is a powerful collaboration system offering ease of access, process automation and intuitive workflows to the strategic sourcing process supporting key objectives for the enterprise.  Establish & maintain strategic sources of supply; negotiate pricing, terms and conditions for materials, indirect and direct items, and services through sourcing campaign events including request for information (RFI) and Request for Pricing (RFQ); buyer evaluate, compare and negotiate bids; notify participating suppliers of event results; supplier directory, search-able compilation of supplier profiles for evaluation and selection for automated purchasing event invitations.


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