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Selection of cost-effective, reliable freight carriers is becoming increasingly difficult

Retailers, brands and manufacturers are tasked with far more than merely sourcing the right product to offer the marketplace.  These shippers must also manage complicated, often global, distribution networks fraught with scale and complexity.  Further compounding the situation, shippers need reliable yet cost-effective transportation partners sourced from an increasingly constrained supply of drivers and equipment.  While a daunting task, those shippers who can effectively manage freight services and expense across the distribution network are best positioned to compete for the consumer.


  • In supply-constrained marketplaces, building and supporting long-term mutually beneficial relationships is vital to success.

  • Service level performance is difficult to monitor and measure with standard, manual processes, and offline systems.

  • Capacity and preference is often granted to the partner with the easiest and quickest way to perform transactions.

  • Global inbound transportation networks are vastly more complicated with multiple service providers and activities.

Freight Procurement Solutions

Clarity™ Freight Procurement, a hosted suite of software modules and information collaboration system on the ClearTrack® Global Trade Management network platform empowers international and import shippers to control spend, maintain service levels and reduce risk by ensuring a predictable flow and delivery of goods.  The Clarity® Freight Procurement suite automates key activities and tasks critical to managing the purchase of international and domestic freight services.  The organization’s transportation and logistics team’s productivity and scale is significantly improved through the support of standardized, automated workflows designed to collect and display freight procurement details, status and next steps all delivered via a secure, always accessible on-line portal.  To aid comparison and analysis of freight bids, the Clarity® Freight Procurement suite includes powerful business intelligence reporting and analytics to aid the selection of the best choice for the business.


Software & Services Suite of Application Solutions

What is in the Suite?

Delivered from the ClearTrack® GTM network platform, the Clarity™ Freight Procurement suite offers the following software modules & services.

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