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Truckload and LTL Freight Procurement is a Ceaseless Struggle

Identifying the most cost-effective and reliable carrier to cover the next load on a work plan is an ongoing business challenge for retailers, brands and manufacturers alike. The problem is especially acute for companies who lack a steady, predictable volume that carriers require to fully commit the necessary resources. Without that commitment, retailers and manufacturers must constantly engage in unplanned, ad hoc negotiations with default carriers to secure acceptable terms. Further compounding the issue, often time the load bid process is highly inefficient. Communication is uncoordinated, using outdated technology (spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, faxes) incapable of producing a centralized source of information that can be easily managed and controlled. Sending out requests for pricing to multiple carriers to better manage cost and service levels introduces even more complexities and delays to an already disorganized and time-consuming effort.


  • How do I know that the shipment bids I receive from carriers are fair and competitive?

  • Is there a way to create an online business-to-business network of my trusted carriers?

  • How can our company dramatically reduce the inefficiencies of asking multiple carriers to bid on a shipment?

  • Where can I go to easily retrieve historical shipment cost and performance information?

Freight Bid & Tender in the Cloud

Clarity™ Freight Bid & Tender, a hosted software module and information collaboration system on the ClearTrack® Global Trade Management network platform, automates the request for pricing, carrier load bidding and tender process for truckload and less-than-truckload shipments. With access anywhere through the cloud, Clarity™ Freight Bid & Tender creates a powerful business-to-business network platform to automate the sourcing of transportation services to support meaningful business objectives.

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