Tenefit’s DisasterAware Enterprise Partners with ClearTrack to Expand Global Risk Intelligence to Retail, Brand and Manufacturing Companies

December 10, 2020
SAN JOSE, CA. – Tenefit’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ solution is a global risk intelligence platform used by enterprises to prepare and protect their businesses and employees worldwide. This proven early warning and multi-hazard monitoring platform provides intelligence on natural and man-made hazards, such as severe weather, social unrest and supply chain disruptions. The integration of DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ with the ClearTrack Clarity™ predictive supply chain visibility platform enables global organizations to automate monitoring and notification of critical events directly impacting suppliers and logistics networks vital to the predictable and efficient flow of goods.

“Today’s organizations are increasingly exposed to natural and man-made hazards as their operations and supply chains become evermore global and distributed. DisasterAware Enterprise and ClearTrack are bringing an unparalleled depth of information and situational context, making it easy for enterprises to visualize threats, both in real-time and ahead of disasters, and protect their operational continuity,” says Bob Miller, CEO at Tenefit. “Our partnership with ClearTrack is presented with an exciting opportunity to offer a consolidated, digital approach to supply chain resilience.”

“Now more than ever, we are seeing participants in the global supply chain turning to digitalization, transparency and collaboration throughout the value chain,” said Don Mabry, COO, ClearTrack. “ClearTrack Clarity™ is a software-as-a-service suite designed for retail, brand and manufacturing companies to manage the complexity of today’s global sourcing and logistics networks better. In close partnership with Tenefit, we are excited to offer the industry’s first solution providing unmatched real-time visibility of natural disasters and man-made hazards threatening an organization’s comprehensive supply chain assets from factory to port, and transit to delivery all synchronized to order, item, shipment and delivery locations.”

The sharing of critical information provides situational awareness, early warning and disaster impact assessment tools to support the global organization’s sourcing, compliance, risk management, and global security operation center mandates to protect what matters most – people, property and production. Actionable insights reconciled to the organization’s supplier factories, orders, shipments and contents, and operating locations provide enhanced executive decision support and tactical operations via a real-time, global hazard map, intuitive reporting and SmartAlerts™ on all threatened assets.

About Tenefit Corporation
Tenefit is the leading provider of a Risk Intelligence solution that is built on the platform. The platform enables cost-effective, real-time delivery of information anywhere in the world. Global 1000 Enterprises have relied on Tenefit to deliver data efficiently, securely and reliably for over a decade.

About DisasterAWARE Enterprise
DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ delivers the same powerful disaster management technology used exclusively by top U.S. federal agencies and disaster management organizations around the globe for over a decade. For more than 20 years, the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) has helped the public sector reduce disaster risk through ground-breaking research and applied scientific practices. Leveraging Tenefit’s technology, PDC’s natural hazard intelligence platform has been brought to the cloud and made available to the commercial sector. For the first time ever, enterprises will be able to ensure business continuity with a government grade C/EM tool allowing them to protect their people, property and production.

About ClearTrack Information Network Corporation
ClearTrack Clarity™ is a global supply chain platform, delivering digital workflows, on-demand visibility, real-time status, predictive analytics and prioritized notification services across key make, source and deliver activities for a network of Global 1000 retail, brands and manufacturing companies. Using state-of-the-art software programs configured to fit the unique operating processes of each organization, ClearTrack enables customers to strengthen competitive advantages, lower operating costs, improve on-time performance, reduce risk and protect end-customer relationships. The ClearTrack global collaboration network spans over 55 countries, +30,000 supplier factory locations and covers all large capacity logistics points and modes, including truckload, LTL, ocean, rail, air, and intermodal while processing over $15 billion dollars in freight annually.

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